The Great Celebration

Floating in his canoe
Down the icy river
With his Sacred Bow
Sharpened arrows in his quiver
In spite of everything he knew
So far, his family would only have, Rabbit Stew
Though his family loved Rabbit,
especially Rabbit Stew
This was a "Special Occasion",
he wanted something new

A Tom Turkey
Or even a great big Hen
He needed something special
He knew how long it had been
But it was the dead of Winter
And to be honest, he knew,
In this Snow covered land
His options were very few

As he floated down that river -
There is no way he could relax ...
His must stay sharp -
He was looking, to find some tracks ...
The sun had just come up -
It was so very quiet ... Just then, he spotted some tracks - Can I follow them, I've got to try it ...   From the size of these tracks - To him, it was abundantly clear ... There was no doubt, in his mind - It was a, Big, Buck, Deer ... His wife would be, so very proud - She would love, what he brought her ... Just follow the river, he had thought - They would have to come down to water ... The young Brave, was excited - He could feel his adrenaline pump ... And he couldn't help it, he smiled to himself - As he felt his ole heart thump ... Just below the tracks - The canoe, he banks ... He said a quick Prayer - To his God, he had to give thanks ... Cautiously in pursuit - Leaving Moccasin tracks in the Snow ... Wherever this deer was going - Also, he would go ... He knew he must be careful - You could see his every breath ... To be stranded, in this weather - Would surely mean, his death ... His chest swelled, with the responsibility - The young Indian Brave, carried on his shoulder ... The stories he would tell around the fire - To his Grandchildren, when he was older ... Just then he heard a sound - Horns rubbing against a tree ... A deer rutting, he thought to himself - He knew it just had to be ... He stopped, frozen in his tracks - As he slowly, looked around ... He must pinpoint that noise - Yet he himself, could not make a sound ... There he is, he spotted the Buck - And as he drew back his Bow ... He said another Prayer - Just before he let the arrow go ... The arrow took flight - Silently, it flew ... And yes, it found it's mark - The Buck's heart, his aim was true ... Finally, he could relax - He walked towards his pray, with a swagger ... He will be the talk of the Village - He will have every right, to be a bragger ... As he reached the huge Stag - Sixteen points, he did count ... He envisioned in his head - Where in his Teepee, they would mount ... His next task, not an easy one - Getting it home, he knew ... He thought to himself, I can do it - I must get him into the canoe ... He made, a makeshift sled - The Buck was much too big to drag ... Over a mile, he must move - This beautiful and wondrous Stag ... He launched his canoe - He headed back down the river ... His family would be so proud - A winters worth of food, he would deliver ... As the Brave approached the Village -  From the bank, he heard the cheers ... Such a glorious sound - It was music, to his ears ... His lovely Wife and Papoose, awaited - Her heart was filled with love ... Along side her was his Daughter - His Princess, "Little Dove" ... He showed his Wife, what he had bought - For "The Great Celebration" ... For the gift, she had given him - To commemorate, his elation ... As he held her, in his arms -- He said: "This is my, Thank You, Hon" ... "You've fulfilled, every man's dream - You have given me, a Son" !!! Written by: Charles C. Brown aka CeeCeeBee Date: February 29th, 2000

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