In the old Cherokee country back East, a terrible monster roamed the earth, catching men and eating them. The Cherokkes called him the Uk'ten'. He had horns and a body like a giant lizard, with seven big spots on it. He could kill a man just by breathing on him.

One day, the people decided they had to kill the Uk'ten'. They were tired of hiding in caves in the dark. They wanted to come out and live in the sunlight. So they sent their best archer to shoot an arrow and hit the monster in the seventh spot.

When the archer found the Uk'ten', the monster was having a fight with Thunder. They were fighting to see who could live on the earth. The archer drew his bow. But he missed because the monster and Thunder were rolling around on the ground, and tremendous thunder and lightening shook the sky.

The archer drew his bow a second and a third time, and missed. Finally, on the fourth try, he hit the Uk'ten' in the seventh spot. The monster fell and floundered about and made hot fire rain from the sky. The fire rained until he was dead. After that, the people came out of their hiding places, and ever since then, Thunder has been a friend to the Cherokees.

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