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Hello! I was called NativeHeart but have sinced been named WhiteWolfDreamer. Welcome to my cyber craftroom. Let me show you around. When you entered you saw a sampling of my handiwork on the table. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please e-mail me. Click on the butterfly at the bottom of the page.

~ Attention Please ~
I want to state that these crafts are not Native American made. They are Native American styled crafts, made by me, from my Native heart.

Each craft has it's own page. Some of the rooms are still being built (I don't have the photos yet). Be sure to visit the Beaded Rope site. A nice style of necklace...beaded cord that looks like the peyote stitch. Please, enjoy your tour.
If you see something that you would like, I can arrange a extra fee. You may take the time you need and a receipt will be sent back to you after each payment sent. If an item says sold, it can still be made again if it's what you would really like to have.

Please remember, my crafts are handmade. If you place an order with me, I will fill it in the order it was placed. You may e-mail me with any questions on the progress of your order. Special considerations can be made if there is a deadline.