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Welcome to the room where I keep all the Brick style beaded earrings. These are also called Cheyenne style earrings. You are most welcome to view the many different color combinations. All of the earrings that are displayed are seven beads wide. They sell for $5.00 a pair. There are different widths that can be had at different prices. These are listed at the bottom of the page. Porcupine quills can be added at no extra fee. There is a shipping charge of $1.00 per pair of earrings.

The earrings shown are only a sample of my crafts. As always, you can order earrings in your choice of colors.

3 wide are very petite and are $3.50.
5 wide are a small earring and are $4.00
7 wide are $5.00
9 wide can be a little longer and are $7.50