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This is a small mandella (or good luck shield.) It is on a five inch hoop with rabbit fur, feathers and plastic beads. This one sells for $10.00. I can make the same hoop out of more natural materials and a five inch one would sell for $15.00. You can get a larger view by clicking on the mandella.

Unfortunately, I do not have more photos of my wall hangings to show you right now...but I'm working on it.
I have dreamcatchers that can be made with your choice of colors and sizes. E-mail me and we will negotiate. :)

Right now I have a dreamcatcher for sale that is 24" in diameter, with a row each of coral, white and purple glass crow beads in the webbing. In the center of the webbing is a painted rabbit skin portraying Chief RedCloud of the Oglala Sioux along with an eagle. To the left of this is a cloth pouch tied with red, yellow, black and white ribbons and it contains tobacco. A large turkey feather is tied to the pouch and there are two leather lacings hanging, one to a side, of the hoop with beads and feathers. The painting was done by a Lower Brulé man, Mystic Warrior.
This hoop sells for $250.00 which includes the shipping cost.

I have also started making hangings of various sizes where I bead a picture onto leather and then place the leather over a hoop. Right now I am working on a Cherokee Rose. I plan to get pictures up asap.