Most of us tend to forget about the people who envy us.The people who have nothing, who would give anything for something.
All of the kids with no homes or no parents. The children with uncurable illnesses or who are just too injured to get by.
Kids who want nothing but love...from anybody.
Everybody should be holding out their hands and helping these poor souls.

All kids deserve good things for the holidays. But there are some who will have nothing.

Who ever has the heart to old out their hand, can do it with a donation of only one or two dollars to the Make A Wish Foundation.
I know what it is like to be in a place where you know nobody and you can't see your parents. It was only for a few weeks, but it was enough to make me feel sorry for the people who have nothing.
So invest in someone's dreams and fantasies. Because some people have nothing but...


Evan Boyer 12/99

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