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Common Rival

Just like the Hawk
Soaring in the skies
An endless vigil
Till the day he dies
He looks so lonely
He may have to glide all day
For him, it's survival
His next meal, his prey
I'll bet if we could communicate
With that Hawk
In some kind of way
Like maybe, he could talk
Just imagine the stories
That ole Hawk could tell
The world, through piercing eyes
That see, oh, so well
The families he has devastated
Just so he could survive
The moms, dads, and children
Who are now, no longer alive
You may laugh and say
Ah, it's really no big deal
They were only varmints
That he's had to kill
Yeah, well maybe
No big deal in that
Just a Rabbit, a Squirrel
Maybe an Opossum or a Rat
Or maybe, we are just so high
Up on the "Life" food chain
We don't even think about
The underlings that remain
The ones who are below us
Who's lives he would steal
Do we really know
Can they actually feel?
Not only on the outside
But also, deep within
When a loved one is eaten
Does the mourning begin?
If only these lowly animals
Could some how, some way, talk
The stories they could tell
Just like the big ole Hawk
For they too, remember,
Must also survive
Destroy another family
If they want to stay alive
Just like the Hawk
As he takes flight
Another day's mission
His never ending plight
But as I think about it
Maybe it's good that none can talk
Could we handle their stories
Do we think we could "Walk Their Walk"
The things they must do
From the moment they arrive
Blindly, into this ole cruel world
Just to stay alive
And just like that ole Hawk
Circling lazily, around a cloud
We hear his lonely screeches
So chilling and, so loud
Hanging there so effortless
He doesn't even have to try
Though it has nothing to do with effort
He just doesn't want to die
Throughout the animal kingdom
They all have one "Common Rival"
It takes all of their cunning and instincts
To insure, their daily "Survival"

Written by: CeeCeeBee
May 25th, 2000