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An Indian Woman

In a round table discussion about whether reincarnation was really possible, a financially struggling single woman said, "I want to come back as a rich, white woman's poodle that's pampered and rides around all day in her luxury car."

A tired waitress said,
" I want to come back rich and make a lot of money and be a mega super recording star."
The frustrated computer tech said, "If I can come back, I want to be the President, so I can change a lot of things about this world near and far."

I sat and thought about it. I said, " I don't know if it's possible, but if I can...........
Lord, please let me come back an Indian Woman.
"I want to come back with a mind fierce and sharp, with a spiritual faith that never waivers or doubts, a smile that is warm, with a body divine, with golden brown, tan or dark skin draped in red and gold.... and whether young or old... always have enough money... so the words broke, commodities, cut-off, past-due, or general assistance aren't in my vocabulary.

I want to be a sister to my sister. A woman wise when choosing my mate or a date. I want to be able to cook frybread, meat pies, corn soup with skillet bread and rice and raisins all at the same time.

I want to come back an Indian Woman with self-esteem worthy of being treated like a Princess from my Tribe. An Indian Woman with patience, love, and wisdom for children. An Indian Woman to teach our children traditional ways to keep our culture alive.

An Indian Woman with subscriptions to the "Oklahoma Indian Times", "Indian Country Today", "Native Peoples", the "Cheyenne-Arapaho Bulletin", the "Wall Street Journal" and a membership to the Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women.

I want to come back an Indian Woman with at least one beautiful piece of turquoise and silver from the Motherland on my finger.
I want to come back with the strength and courage of Lisa Tiger,
the voice of Karen and Kathy Antone,
the political knowledge of Wilma ManKiller and Ada Deere,
the determination of LaDonna Harris,
the spiritual poise of Melinda Miles,
the business savvy of Iola Hadden,
the eloquence of Sheila Tousey,
the talent of Irene Bedard
and the artistic eye of Dana Tiger.

I want to come back as an Indian Woman who can stay focused on the Lord regardless of the circumstances. I want to be saved from the penalty of sin.
I want to never let what a person says or do change my demeanor; to be humble; love and be loved unconditionally.

I want skin that is flawless and soft, eyes of discernment, lips which speak only the truth, hands of gentleness, and feet of prosperity.

I want to be a lawyer to enforce the laws which man has broken.
If reincarnation is real, please let me come back as an
Indian Woman!!!

Author Unknown