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The Lonely Tree

I stand alone in the meadow,
each creature I know by name.
But none of them seem to notice me,

as they rest beneath my shade.

So I grew so tall with honor,
and my limbs reached for the sky
as the wind through my branches would sing
But humans and all their wisdom,
could not hear the simplest thing.

So I beckoned to all the creatures
and the birds that soared the wind.
But even they were too busy to hear me;
no time to make a friend.

My heart filled full with anger
as the years went slowly by
My limbs grew wild and twisted;
casting shadows where once was light.

But one day a tiny Robin
came to me for rest.
And my heart sang out permission
when she ask to build her nest.

I will gladly give you shelter
and I'll protect you from raging wind.
Build your home within my branches
and forever be my friend.

And once more the circle completed
and the magic of spring began.
The air was light and fragrant
as wild flowers danced with the wind.

Then one bright spring morning
as I watched ore' the Robin's nest
I witnessed the blessed miracle,
when the little ones broke free from the eggs.

As they lay within my branches,
I watch ore' them while they sleep.
And let them forever remember
their home in the lonely tree.