I, Neeghani Aki Innini (Leading Earth Man), of the Eagle Clan of the Anishinabe Nation, issue a call to the four directions to those who wish to join in a gathering the way our Ancient Ones gathered long ago--around the sacred fires--in ceremony. I hold a view of sacredness toward our prophets and visionaries of the past--prophets who foretold the future, but more importantly, who gave a direction that humankind could follow--one that would help bring peace and love to the world. Humanity is in need of a vision that could unite us all. Vision of the Red People: From the heart of the Red People, a vision is told. In this vision, our continent awaits fulfillment of a plan that is holy and sacred. The Creator has a plan for every human being to rejoice upon the land. For, in every human spirit lives the spark of love awaiting this very plan. The Creator calls upon all people of the world to unify in peace and to live in harmony upon our home--Mother Earth. We, the Red People, have maintained a close connection to the land--knowing that our survival as a people depended upon understanding that all of life is connected--that we are all one with Mother Earth. With this understanding, we have had global influence reguarding democracy, health, medicines, foods and in numerous other areas. The prophets of the past have left us with a vision that can bring unity to all humankind. The essence of this vision is the understanding of the balance of life: the four quadrants of the Circle of Life. Now, we bring forward this vision which encompasses the positive gifts of all humanity--to bring unity. Once again, we wish to share a dream--to bring a gift: A vision that can bring unity with all life. This unity is based upon understanding balance in the circle of life--a balance that will bring respect. This vision transcends all that has divided us from each other and disconnected us from the Creator and Mother Earth. This vision goes beyond the intellect of the mind and into feeling the spirit of the Creator's truth. This vision is inclusive of all races of people and we, the Red People, encourage and invite all, to come and share their teachings and sacred knowledge--as we share ours--in the celebration of life. I make this call for this special gathering because I truly believe that we have reached a time in our spiritual evolution to finally bring the Four into one. It is time to sit in prayer and ceremony. It is time to honour the spiritual ancestors of the past who can provide spiritual direction through their prophecies--direction that we need so badly in our times of darkness. I had a vision: In the vision, we are climbing a mountain. I look behind below the mountain toward the land. I see the world in total chaos. I see wars created by man where children and old people suffer the most. I see the burning of cities, flooding of the land, winds increasing in incredible force, major earthquakes around the world, eruptions of volcanoes, mass starvation, sicknesses that man cannot cure, man thirsting for clean water and finally, a shower of meteorites falling from the sky hitting the Earth causing incredible damage. All of these forces halt man's destruction of the Earth. It is a time of total darkness for humanity--a darkness that has been created by man himself. As we climb further up the mountain, out of the darkness emerges a people that have allowed their spirits' to be awakened--awakened to the true source of power that will guide and ensure survival of humanity and the Earth. They become the hope of the future. These people come from all walks of life, from the four races. Each of these four races represent the four directions of balance that contribute a vital part of to the wholeness of the understanding of life and man's existence. In the centre if the sacred circle (where man has joined as one) stands the sacred tree and fire representing the Great Spirit. There is no separation for humanity--only connection to one God, one Creator of life. Unity is finally reached on the Earth. The vision changes: Once I reach the top of the mountain, I look below toward the land and see that all had changed. Man has survived the darkness. The land has turned to green, alive again. The sun is shining brightly in a deep blue sky. A river runs by that is crystal clear, water is pure again. I see a village with many people of different races. In the background, I can see a herd of buffalo and horses. In the centre of the village there are men building a sacred lodge that is in the shape of a turtle. On the east side of the lodge are elders sitting around a sacred fire laughing telling stories. I see women singing and dancing in a circle with the children in the centre full of laughter and smiles. Up in the sky flies the golden eagle as it watches over the people. Peace has finally reached the people of the Earth. We must come to the Centre of Turtle Island to fulfill our visionary's prophecy and that of past prophets who spoke of peace, oneness and unity of all the four races that our Father--Creator put on Mother Earth. We must gather in true unity as one people proclaiming our love to one Supreme Power--the Creator and our Mother the Earth. This gathering will give full evidence that the true message of peace, by all past prophets, has indeed survived--that their lives have not been given in vain--bringing their destinies of having peace on Earth fulfilled. An Oglala Holy Man, of the Lakota Nation, named Crazy Horse went to the sacred mountain called Bear Butte in the Northern Plains of America in 1871, to seek his vision. This was his vision:                 "He saw that these people were already dancing in the spirit       under the sacred tree, for the dawn of understanding was       penetrating and they were ready. There were many different       faces under that tree, so he understood that it was a tree too       big for his people alone, but included all races of men, red,       yellow, black and white. Their faces were full of laughter       and joy and they formed one circle of one people united       through different in a strange and sacred way that he did not       quite unserstand." Crazy Horse also said:                 "Our spirit will come back again during the time the sky has       grown dark and ugly and waters have smelled bad...This will       be a time when the new light comes. Our people will be in       the forefront of the greatest battles, the battle to unite       the great circle of Earth and sky and bring justice to all       men." This gathering and fulfillment of prophecy will ensure entrance to a world of peace and release the full forces of spirit into the univers to cleanse the Earth and humankind. All that is negative or opposite to the true spirit of God--Creator of all life, will not survive the cleansing of the Earth. Hatred, greed and the separateness from the Earth and each other will come to an end. The forces of evil in the minds of man will come to pass from the Earth as the spirit of love through man and woman bring peace to the Earth. Dreams and visions of peace will fill the hearts of humankind throughout the world. Let there be peace in your heart and join the spirit, as love brought to Earth. "The Hopi's ancient knowledge and prophecies are warning us through many signs that we have entered a dangerous period in our lives, that humankind must return to peaceful ways and halt the destruction of Mother Earth or we are going to destroy ourselves. All the stages of Hopi prophecy have come to pass, except for the last: the purification. The intensity of this purification will depend on how humanity collaborates with Creation. Already, signs of the days of purification are beginning. For the sake of Mother Earth, your children and your children's children's action is needed now."                                                 The historic gathering will occur                               June 18-21, 1999                                                 Sagkeeg (Fort Alexander), Manitoba Canada.
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