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Blue Wolf's Premonition

Roused from a brief, but fitful slumber;
Summoned by drumbeats of distant thunder;
Pursuing lightning's brilliant arrow
Emblazing pathways, steep and narrow;

Racing a clearing; around its rim,
Lay phantom figures whose outlines were dim,
Only their gleaming eyes were discerned,
As through the gloominess they seemed to burn,

Silence was cleaved by a wolf brother,
Whose yelping was chorused by the others,
In their midst, rose a warrior unknown,
Flaunting his shield, undaunted, though alone.

Moving closer with measured paces,
I saw fearsome brutes with snow white faces,
Blue hair, it covered their bodies lean,
Pressed shoulder to shoulder, no space between.

No longer contented to wait and howl,
Baring their fangs, they snarled and growled,
Besieged from all sides, with wounds blood red;
He evinced no sign of terror or dread.

Savagely striking at the frenzied pack;
Whirling and leaping, he bravely fought back.
With paws and fangs,they tore him apart;
Until, finally, their leader devoured his heart.