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The Eagle's Cry

Mountain tops slip silently
'Neath wings as black as night.
An Eagle soars and banks and glides
In all his splendid might.

In shining waters of the lakes,
On snowy mountain peaks,
In valleys and in rugged hills,
His prey he quietly seeks.

The Messenger from Father Sky
Spreads out his wings in flight.
From Mother Earth is heard a cry
As she observes his plight.

A man in cowboy hat and boots,
So calmly aims his gun.
A shot rings out...the Eagle falls,
That splendid life is done.

He drives home with his trophy,
Reflecting on his luck,
As an Eagle feather dangles
From the mirror of his truck.

Driving on the curving road,
He turns to face the sun.
An Eagle dives right towards him.
There's no place left to run.

He jerks the wheel hard to the right,
The tires leave the ground.
He plummets down...the Eagle's cry
Is now the only sound.

Author Unknown to Me