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As I was growing up,
America said never forget.
When I was grown up,
America told me never to regret.

I stand beside my People,
hands raised to the sky.
I carry the blood of my People,
that I can never deny.

America, what have you to say?
Children on the Rez are starving!
America, what can you say?
Into her heart you are carving.

I cry, hand of my Mother.
To You, I offer them now.
Take and teach them, Mother.
They'll never fly as the fowl.

Creator, gift to the People.
I see this as the truth.
From my blood. Only the People.
Mother gives us the proof.

I feel You on my heated body,
the coolness of Your dark touch.
I see the pain on Your sad body,
take strength, as we love You much.

Hold the People in the passing time,
as a loved one, always welcoming.
Hold, in the People, for all time,
Your heart in us, screaming, demanding.