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Beads Of Friendship

Behold, the beads of midnight blue
A gift of earrings from a friend
One who's heart is sweet and true

You see 'tis magic they do hold
For when they are worn a mysterious mist unfurls
To a time and place more precious than gold

Entranced, I am captured by the past
To a world where peace and beauty abounds
Where food is plenty and the land is vast

A place where my spirit soars on high
Among clouds of white, sky of blue
Where only eagles dare to fly

My eyes see where the buffalo roam
Where my true love sweetly calls to me
In a warm and loving place I call home

And as the moon begins to glow
Strong arms tenderly embrace me
"Til sleep so sweet comes so slow

Here you shall stay in my heart
I whisper, forever and a day
And never will we part

When again the sun reigns above
My memory of a mist covered dream
Sweet sorrow I shall feel like the mourning dove

Silently I thank my dear, lovely friend
As I hold tightly to my treasured gift
For she will never know the magic that they transcend

Penned by Lovebud37