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The man signed a paper and said you are free,
The black man shouted no more slavery,
It is now his right to claim he is black,
He is free and will never have to look back...,

The Europeans came and here they laid stakes,
They don't have to worry about where they stay,
They took over our land and we welcomed them,
They are the rainbow from which we all begin...

And now the Spanish came with their raven hair,
And brought to us all, their customs to share,
The food they eat and how they speak,
Their religion and heritage, their strong and their meek...

The Dutch and the Germans, the English and French,
In this country of wealth they would all be rich,
They were all so happy and never had to explain,
Who they came from, fore to see them explained...

Now the red man has been here since time began,
But no one noticed this isn't a tan,
Our skin is red and we are proud to say,
That the Creator made us this way...

None of the others have to prove who they are,
People don't ask them if they came from the stars,
They take it for granted that they just belong,
Indians are people too, we don't come from Mars...

But we must prove it time and again,
That it is our right to be red skinned,
We were here first and then all the rest,
So why must we always be put to the test...

To prove who we are and where we came from,
Our ways are as important as any of theirs,
It is our land that they enjoy and destroy,
We are left with only wrath upon ours...

So when you look at me and wonder who I am,
Take a good long look at one of the FIRST AMERICANS!!!!

Finished but not..... THE END

By: Joyce Mountain Lion Kozic 1999