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Visions of My Creations

I am the light in the morning,
that shines from your eyes.
I am the essence of sorrow,
within the tears you cry.
I am the balance of the darkness
and the light.
I am the giver of choice,
between wrong and right.
I am upon the wind,
as it blows through your hair.
I am the wisdom,
within the vacant stare.
I am the rainbow,
that follows the storm.
I am the spirit of fire,
that helps keep you warm.
I am all around
if you'd only see
I am the heart of young lovers,
longing to be.
I am the voice within,
the silence that you hear.
I am the gentle hand,
that touches you when you fear.
I am the innocense within a child.
I am the breath of life in everything wild.
I am the spirit to the warrior
setting men free.
I am the Creator

Do you recognize Me?

Crow Windz