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White Dawn
Minutes before sunrise
'Neath a snow filled sky
The stillness was broken
By a newborn's cry

His young mother, White Dawn,
Had prayed for his birth
This son of Fallen Eagle
Child of Mother Earth

In the tipi's faint warmth
With a child at her breast
She lovingly nursed him
Then laid him to rest

With a thunder of hooves
The cavalry rode in
Rousing mother and child
With it's fearful din

With her body as a shield
For her first born son
She quickly turned away
From a trooper's gun

First stumbling, then crawling
On the new fallen snow
White Dawn reached a gully
Where she crouched down low

She stilled her breathing
A trooper rode by,
But the startled baby
Let out a sharp cry

White Dawn touched her infant
Uttering no sound,
A second bullet struck,
She fell to the ground.

Soon Fallen Eagle's cries
Filled the evening sky
To avenge their deaths
The bluecoats must die

At secluded cabins,
Or a wagon train,
He'd strike swiftly, then ride
To strike once again

He always spared mothers,
Yet he took their sons,
And every white soldier
Fell under his gun.

Author Unknown
From an Elder to Tsoka


Arrows are a creation.