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Wings Of Love

In winter by gleaming campfires
There's a story the elders tell
How lovers were reunited
By the Spirit's magic spell

Isaac was a proud mountain man
With a heart consumed by love
Pledged to an Indian maiden
His devoted Flying Dove

He left camp one stormy morning
It was early in the spring
He'd return by the snowfall
With a beautiful wedding ring

When he left she had a vision
An eagle on a mountain peak
Darting, gliding, swooping and landing
With a songbird in it's beak

For many long and lonely moons
First her hopes would wax, then wane
She waited, constantly dreaming
But her dreams were all in vain

Ambushed in a desolated draw,
With a bullet in his head
Robbed of the golden marriage ring
Her beloved Isaac lay dead.

Since Flying Dove's hopes were shattered
She wished for her own death, then
They be joined in the Spirit world
And renew their vows again.

Her grief could not be overcome
Soon death set her spirit free
As she drew her very last breath
An eagle glided close to the tipi

Emerging from that enclosure
Responding to his wild cry
Rose a tiny gray mourning dove
Together they soared on high

Used by permission of Tsoka