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Turtle Mother

I feel the pulse beneath my feet
The heart of Mother Earth
It's slow and weakend, sad to know
Most misunderstand her worth

My heart is heavy, sad to see
The scars that greed does bring
Her natural treasures vandalized
For the sound of money's ring

Oh I embrace you Mother of all
I cry at the pain that you feel
And for those who do not realize
The time you will need to heal

Forgive us Mother, we were wrong
To abuse the bounty you share
Your children destroyed, some gone for good
Hollow echoes in the air

Give us the chance to bring you back
From the aching, the pain, the despair
Help us to teach the ones who'll come after us
For this is their burden they'll bear

May they accept the challenge that we leave
A legacy of not to be proud
Let their hearts be tender, open their minds
Their thanks, voices sing joyfully loud

May you bless them Mother Earth
Remind them of our wrongs done before
To assure you not live that pain again
And your treasures abound ever more

NativeHeart '99