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Come my children, gather round the fire
Sit, sit...everyone, there is plenty of room,
sit and listen as I,
Spiritwillow, tell you stories and legends
of the First People
And of their brothers and sisters
who also share our Earth Mother.

Gather, come gather so you can hear Spiritwillow
Ahh, children of many nations do I see before me
I will do my best to include all
so you will have pride in your hearts
for who you are and where you come from.

Great Spirit
Watch over and protect those who
have come to this gathering
and are embraced by the fire's warmth
I ask that they enjoy the stories told for them
and learn from them what they will.

Hetch Etu
Awanyanka Ina Maka

Spiritwillow needs to catch her breath...she will have more stories to tell you soon. Be sure to come back to the fire and listen and learn.

Click on the bar to go to the index page. You may choose the story for me to tell. If the title is unlinkable, it's because Spiritwillow is still learning that story...but you will learn it soon!

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