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The Ancient Stone Tablets

The ancient stone tablets of the red race are held by the Hopi.
The red race was sent to the east (based on locations of the continents then, not now.) They were given guardianship over the Earth and knowledge of her plants; they are the Spirit Keepers of the Earth. This reponsibility is distinctly expressed in every Indigenous culture throughout the western hemisphere. Nearly 80% of the food products consumed in the global diet have been derived from Native American food sources.

The ancient stone tablets of the Yellow race were kept in Tibet.
They have been moved because of the political climate. The decision to reveal the location is up to the Dali Lama. The Yellow race was sent to the south and given guardianship of the wind. Much of the ancient knowledge of breath which has become commonly known in today's world can be attributed to the work of the Yellow Race. Many healings can occur within the human body simply by learning how to breathe.

The Ancient Stone tablets of the Black race are kept near Mt. Kenya.
The Black race was sent to the west and given guardianship of the Waters. Thus it's not surprising that blood plasma was discovered by a Black American. Emotions within our bodies travel and are communicated through water. The moon affects the tides and the emotions of the people. Water is the element in Native understanding which rules the nature of our emotions.
The blues and jazz are world renown gifts born of the American Black culture. These unique and original musical art forms can enhance our understanding of human emotions as we listen to tones that connect us to the inner depths of the human soul.

The ancient stone tablets of the White race are in Switzerland.
The White race was sent north and given guardianship of the knowledge of fire. Thus we find, in the evolutionary development of the White race, we see the internal combustion engine, electricity which all centers around fire. Unfortunately, this is the race that also developed high tech warfare, being the first to utilize gunpowder in the development of weapons.
The sun never set on the British Empire. They successfully raped and plundered their way around the globe.