Long, long ago there lived a Cherokee man whose name was Tseg'sgin'. Now Tseg'sgin' was a great trickster. If he wanted anything, he always found a way to get it. This is the story of how Tseg'sgin' got a woman.

There was a beautiful woman who lived nearby, but her father wouldn't let Tseg'sgin' come calling on her. So Tseg'sgin' had to think quite a long time about how he could get that woman. One day, on his way to her house, he saw a cow in a field. So he cut off the cow's tail and took it with him to the woman's house. When he came near her house, just out of sight, he stuck the tail into the ground. Then he cried for help so that the father of the woman would hear him.

Sure enough, the father came out and asked what was wrong. Tseg'sgin' said, "My cow went into the ground here. I don't know how I'm going to get her out. If I pull the tail too hard I might pull it off, then the cow would be gone forever. Do you have a shovel so I can dig my cow out?"

"I do," the other man said.

"Here," said Tseg'sgin'. "If you'll hold this cow's tail, I'll go get the shovel. Don't pull too hard. If you do, the cow will be gone forever."

So Tseg'sgin' went to the woman's house and the woman was there alone. She was young and very beautiful.

"I saw your father over there," said Tseg'sgin', "and he said you could leave with me if you want to."

"I don't believe my father would say that," the woman said. "I'd better shout to him and ask."

"All right," said Tseg'sgin'.

So the woman called to her father, "Did you really tell this man to come up here?"

"Yes, that's what I told him," the father said.

So, Tseg'sgin' took the woman away. And that's how Tseg'sgin' got a beautiful woman.

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