Why there are Indians Long, long ago, when Creator first thought about making this North American continent, there were many things for Him to consider. There was the problem of land, forests, animals, and food. He decided that these things would have to be undertaken in steps, so that everything would work properly.

First, Creator put the Lands out in the vast Ocean. These Lands were made of Rocks and Sands, which are the oldest things upon this Earth. With both the North and South American continents, the Oceans were divided. That is why there is a number of different Oceans surrounding them.

Now, these Lands were barren. Creator looked upon them and was not happy. They looked too much alike to suit Him, so He created Mountains and Streams. Some Lands were made to be much higher than others were. Some were meant to be Deserts, and some were meant to be near the Oceans. And some Lands were meant to be very cold. Now, Creator was happy.

Second, He made the great Forests and the Plains. He let these things grow and mature, and let them learn how to exist in relation to the Rivers and Streams. He sent rains upon these things, so that they might grow and be nourished. The thunder and lightning were signs of His power and might. He allowed the plants to make air, clean and pure. Creator put great beauty in these creations, such as flowers and many-colored leaves. He allowed these Trees to bear seeds, nuts, berries, and shade for future uses. To every Tree and plant that He put here, there was a purpose assigned. Creator looked upon this and He saw that it was good. Third, Creator placed the many varieties of Birds and Animals upon this Land. They all learned how to find food and shelter, and they all had a wonderful harmony among them. To each creature that He made, He assigned a purpose. The Creator looked upon these things and He saw that it was good. As Creator looked upon the vast beauty of the Lands, the Trees, the Animals, the Birds, and the Waters, He smiled. He thought, "I must put Man here to enjoy all of My great creations. I will put him here, and give him the purpose of Keeper of all of my great creations."   So, fourth, the Creator put Man upon this continent. Some were created out of the Desert sands, some were created from the grasses of the Plains, some were created out of the great Mounds, some were created out of the great Forests and Swamps, some were created out of the great Mountains, and still others were created from the Ice and Snows of the far Northern Lands. The Creator did not call these people Native Americans or Indians. He called them Human Beings--People. These people were created in the image of our great Creator. Creator was very pleased with these native peoples. They used His creations with care and honor. Human nature being what it was, the different tribes sometimes fought over territories, but there was great peace across the Land as a whole. Although they spoke many different languages and dialects, they could all communicate with each other. The Creator looked down upon this and He saw that it was very good. He smiled upon all of His Creations. That was many thousands of years ago. Our people no longer have possession of the Lands or control over the Animals and Forests. But some of us still remember the Creator's purpose which He gave to our Ancestors, and we still try to do these things.   Warrior '98

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