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Sam Donaldson Speaks on Wolves and Coyotes

ABC newsman and New Mexico welfare rancher Sam Donaldson was a guest on "Agritalk," a national radio program, on May 9.
At one point in the program, a caller phoned in to ask Sam how to stop the reintroduction of wolves and other "foolish" government programs.

Sam Donaldson: "I agree with your sentiments. It is the city folks who want to re-introduce the wolves into the countryside.
They do not want to re-introduce the wolves into Central Park in New York City or into La Fayette Square in Washington D.C. because I think they would understand that would be a problem.
But they say it's ok in the countryside because it's romantic.
And I say to them: but you know the wolves were exterminated for a reason because they are predators
and because they attack the livestock which are the economic base of the people who live in the countryside.
So the city folks say to me: predators have a right to live - they're part of a human chain,
well I don't know if it's human, but a lifecycle.

I say: well ok then you don't ever kill a housefly do you? And you don't take penicillin for the viruses
- a virus is a predator - a living thing - you just let them ravage your body and the bodies of your children?

Well, that's silly they say to me.

Right, say I.

You know there is a dear lady in Albuquerque
- I've never met her
- her name is Pat Wolff - no pun intended -
who is constantly seizing upon me because we discipline the coyotes whenever we can in New Mexico
and she thinks that's terrible and awful and should not be allowed and I shouldn't be allowed to live.
Now, she doesn't seize on any of the other sheep ranchers because I guess she thinks I'm famous and maybe that helps her cause.
But I would like to have Ms. Wolff come out and try to earn a living raising sheep and not discipline the coyotes."

Radio host: "Now is this corporal or capital punishment of the coyotes?"

Sam Donaldson: "Well I just use the euphemism 'discipline' because I think everybody out there is smart enough to know what I'm saying.
You can raise sheep or you can raise coyotes
but you cannot raise them both and I would say to Ms. Wolff and others
that I would rather raise coyotes because the sheep don't eat the coyotes but I've never figured out a way to market the coyotes."

Pat Wolff New West Research ______________________

Did this guy actually say, "discipline coyotes" (??)
What an embarrassment he is to ABC... if they only knew how he sounds to anyone who has two brain cells to rub together.