Cougar and Native American Spirituality

Cougar is a powerful being in Native American spirituality. In fact, the Zunis consider Cougar as the link between humankind and Earth, Sky, and the Supreme Being. So what are the traits that lift Cougar to this realm?

For one, Cougar is comfortable with - and at times prefers - being and working alone. Cougar also knows what Cougar needs and goes about the task at hand with confidence, no guilt, and no angst.
Cougar is also a born leader. Cougar teaches her offspring how to hunt and live but with a light paw - Cougar doesn't become flustered if those she trains go about things in a different way.
(But Cougar does expect that Cougar's territory is respected, and she, in turn, will respect the boundaries of others.)

A very powerful and physical animal, Cougar always accomplishes even the most mundane tasks with grace - to do otherwise would not even occur to Cougar. Cougar is about balance and thrift.

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