Hello Brother, First I would like to make a correction, I am female. When I was to be named I asked Dreamer to be added so people would not think me male...oh well. It's just as easily corrected. About us, we are an intertribal group and we are The Gathering Intertribal Unity. I have been with the group for only 18 months, but they have been in the southwest PA area for almost 10 years. If you would like, a flyer could be sent to you about the Spirit Springs festival. There are some travel directions on it. It is the first one and we are hoping to make it an annual event. All drums, singers and dancers are invited to attend. Blanket passes can be made to help offset your costs. There is free camping for festival participants. If there is more that you'd like to know, please feel free to ask. Doksa, WhiteWolfDreamer
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