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Below you will learn a little about me, NativeHeart. I also invite you to continue by clicking on the Index pages. Here you will find poetry done by my hand, by a friend's hand or a poem that caught my fancy. These are "Native Poems" to me. They are done by Native American's or are a reflection of the Native American. If you have a poem that you feel would compliment these pages...I would love to add it to the collection.

You are invited to gather 'round the fire for Spiritwillow's stories of the First Peoples.

About NativeHeart

Hello, I am NativeHeart.
I am called this because I feel the call of Mother Earth and her children. From my childhood on I have known that I was born into the wrong century. I will not say that I would not miss some of the feature comforts of now;
I love my movies, my contact lenses and our advanced health care.
(My goodness! Let's not forget about pepsi!)
But, I would liked to have known our Earth Mother when she was younger and man had not poisoned her with his pollutants. I would like to have seen our four legged and winged brothers and sisters in their abundance; the forests when they could really be called forests and the water running pure and clear over the earth.
Now I live these thoughts in movies, books, dreams and in my NativeHeart.
I do not want or mean to offend anyone when I say I am strongly attracted to the Lakota and the Northern Cheyenne. I do not want to be labled a "wannabe". I am a person who is willing to learn and would like to be taught what I am allowed to know. I would be honored and I say this with the greatest of respect.
Please, accept my truest of intentions
and my NativeHeart.

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Life What a
Beautiful Choice!

Aaron James

Adopted: September 14,1999

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