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The Kingfisher

A family walked together along the beach as waves rolled up onto the sand and gulls screeched overhead. Sunlight flashed through the trees;
the air was fresh with the smell of fall.

        The oldest child was restless.
She often spoke of leaving home,
but kept changing her mind.
Grandmother took her aside and they sat on a log looking out over the sparkling sea.

Grandmother said, "It is not an easy choice you have to make. Leaving home to start out on your own is a big step. Perhaps the story of Kingfisher will help you decide."
  She took her granddaughter's hand:

"Long ago there was a young man, about your age, who was supposed to go out each day and catch fish for his family. But he had a problem making decisions.
He thought about going fishing in the early morning, but by the time he made up his mind it was already noon.
He considered going later in the day,
but it was dark before he decided.
If he did go fishing, he seldom stopped paddling to let down his line because he could never choose where to fish.
And even when he did stop, he could not decide on whether to fish for salmon, halibut or rockfish.
Needless to say, he was not a good provider for his family. They would have perished had it not been for Kingfisher.

Kingfisher had watched the young man and decided it was time to teach him how to make decisions before his family starved.
He flew down to the man and told him to watch and learn, then headed to his favorite perch on a tree overlooking the bay.
There he sat, patiently waiting for any ripple on the water. At the first sign, he plunged in and came up with a wriggling fish.
"Kingfisher returned to the man and said, "You must find the courage to make decisions and stick with them.
Choose one good place to fish and believe in yourself. Be patient, and have the confidence that you have chosen well.
Then, when a fish bites, pull it in."

   Grandmother turned to the young woman and said,
"Remember, like Kingfisher, to have the patience to take time and think about the decision you face.
Then, find the courage and confidence in yourself to make your choice and stay with it."