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To the citizens of the United States of America...

In light of your failure to elect a President of these United States and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the repossession of your government and property, effective this date of November of 2000.

The Council of Chiefs will assume traditional duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories, except Los Angeles, upon which you have inflicted irreplaceable and irreparable damage.
The new Council of Chiefs will appoint the National Congress of American Indians to disband the United States Congress and Senate.

The White House will become an Elders Center.
All Governors houses and other government housing will be turned over to those homeless or near homeless families that have been on HUD waiting lists for years.

To aid in the transition to the Traditional Ways of life, the  following rules are introduced with immediate effect:

1. Look up the word "repossession" in the dictionary.

2. Look up the word "Shaman" in the dictionary and discontinue any relationship of this word to any Indigenous healer or helper.

3. Revision and reprint of all dictionaries; specifically removing the word "Squaw" and other disparaging words hateful to all people of color and those with disabilities.

4. The words "aye", "ayes", "enit", "so-cute", "so-bad" and "49" will be added to the dictionary.

5. Discontinue to refer to traditional regalia as "Costumes".

6. All hunting and fishing rights will be based on need of the family or community. All sports hunting and fishing will be banned. Those caught sport fishing and hunting will be deported to the unclaimed country, Los Angeles.

7. You should learn to distinguish southwestern, northwest, coastal, plains, southern, east coast and all other tribes, bands, clans and corporations from each other. And note that not all tribes neither did nor do live in "tipi's".

8. Hollywood will be required to hire actual Native actors for parts and not just as the bad guys or spiritual leaders.

9. Discontinuance of American Indian names, tribes or images on any sports team. To the 99.9% of you that are unaware, no other race of people are degraded in such a way, i.e.; St. Louis Spick's, Washington Wop's, Georgia Gook's, Denver Danes.  (With exception of the "Fightin' Irish)

10. Discontinuance of the use of American Indian names, tribes or images on any product or merchandise.To the same 99.9% of you that are unaware that no other race of people are degraded in such a way,i.e.;Jeep, Chicano (without that particular tribal council's consent)

11. July 4th, Columbus Day and Presidents Days are no longer public holidays. Instead we will have the summer off with pay, if you are Native American or a descendant.

12. Fry bread will be called Fry Bread and not Elephant Ears.

13. Indian-time will go into effect immediately. If you do not understand Indian-time, then consult the local tribal councilman in your area.

14. Commodities will have color applied to their labels.

15. Beauty pageants will allow the Native American contestants to wear t-shirt and cut-offs in the swimsuit competition.

16. All non-native peoples will be required to attend trainings in the appropriate gestures of "lip signaling".

We thank you for your cooperation.